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Established 1897

The original hotel was build in 1897 back when horses were the main mode of transport, hence the hitching rail in front.  Unfortunately, the building burnt down (as many hotels have in Winton) in 1924.

Rebuilt in 1925

The current building was built in 1925 to replace the previous building.  Cars were now the main mode of transport.  The building was built along similar lines to the original, with a large front verandah, however the building was expanded with the buidling not included the side verandahs.


The building stands in the central area of the main street (70 Elderslie Street).  This section of Elderslie Street is often closed off during festivals and special events to allow people to walk the street and take up food offerings, visit stalls and participate in attractions. The photo here was taken in April 1995 during the Waltzing Matilda Centenary Celebrations.

Aussie Hotel 1995 - 4 (2).jpg
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